Frequently Asked Questions

1- Ordering Process

Please note that when you place your order, you will receive an email with your order details from us right away. If your artwork needs to be submitted, feel free to just reply back to the order confirmation email with your artwork or you have the option to email your artwork to us at [email protected]([email protected]) Our experts will review your order, artwork and make recommendations as needed. Please note that we will incorporate your suggested changes as directed and send you the final artwork for your approval before your order goes into production.
We have already provided details regarding the minimum number of products you will need to order and please note that quantity will vary according to the product you will choose..
We can allow you to order smaller quantities only on some products, but there is usually a surcharge for this and please note that it will just work out to be a few dollars more at the end of the day to have the full quantity anyways.
Yes, we can order plain products as well without any engraving or logo printing and prices are already provided on each page.
We can cancel your order any time before it goes into production. However, we are unable to accept cancellations when the items are already imprinted with your logo. Please feel free to contact our customer care team if you need to make any changes or cancellations to your order before it goes into production.

2- Artwork Personalization & Imprints

Our team can basically help you with simple text artwork, but if you like us to draw a logo or artwork with the design you will need to pay based on the designer’s efforts.
Please email us at [email protected]([email protected]). Your artwork must be emailed in any vector-based file format, ideally created in Adobe Illustrator and the reason behind this is that in case your artwork has different colors, each color will have its own different layer, which in turn will allow us to color separate your artwork and make necessary changes if required. Your logo file should be at least 300dpi. Please get in touch with our team in case you have any issues sending us your artwork.
We would recommend that you email your logo so that our experts can advise you regarding the best method to brand your item and provide you with ideas that will work the best for your logo. It’s because it may be a case that your halftone or tint logo needs to be basically printed as a separate solid color and our experts can suggest the best way possible.
It is possible to print from a picture on some products, but it all depends on the print and the overall quality of the actual picture.
Please note if you provide us with an artwork whose trademark is owned by a different company, you are warranting us that company has given you the right to use and distribute that artwork.
Please talk to our customer team as not all products can be printed in with multiple colors and it all depends on the product that you have chosen.
We can basically print any color that you will need on your chosen product and charge you accordingly.
It all depends on the available print area on the product and sight of artwork overall as some products allow that and there can be an additional cost and further screen charges as well if you choose to go that route.
We have already included the product color availability on our website and we always check with our suppliers if other colors are available from time to time.
Our team can include the QR code on a majority of the products, which has a large imprint area overall and feel free to just email us the QR code if you have one already and in case you don’t, our friendly team can create one for you if you simply send us your URL code.
We surely can as it will make the reordering process easier as well.

3- Charges

Please note that at the time of production of your product printing the standard industry cost will be applied for setting up specific printing equipment.Most commonly used method for product orienting is screen-print, in this kind of printing a separate screen is manufactured for a single print color. Each imprint requires a clear sheet; hand is applied on every single product after their digital transfer to the clear sheet. Another method for imprints is laser engraving. In this method of printing a specific programming is required for setting up each order. Embroidery method is also used for imprint, for creating the map of your logo a special tool is required so the tooling charge will be applied in this method. Imprints can be made with dis-stamping or foil block. These blocks are handmade that are used for stamping your artwork to your products.

4- Shipping

Our team will ship the majority of the order within the two weeks after we receive your imprint approvals. However, exceptions will include products that are high custom artwork or back order due to high demand. Please note that we can always rush your order for an additional charge overall.
Yes, we can definitely do that, just inform our Customer Care team and they will be more than happy to help you out.
Please inform our Customer Care team as we can ship internally in many cases depending on the location.
We can expedite your order on some products depending on production timings overall and you will just need to pay rush charges accordingly.

5- Payment

The best way to get your order processed is to provide a credit card
Yes, you can and we will email you the invoice details along with the order details.