About us

Welcome to Bani Badges. We are a national distributor of the name badges. At Bani Badges, we provide name badges and provide personalized solutions to corporations north America and help businesses stand out from the crowd. Our customers are our top priority and we guaranteed to deliver your products on time. We have proven to earn customer trust by offering excellent service and by meeting our client’s various name badges needs in the best way possible.

Our goal is to provide quality name badges at competitive prices without losing product quality. We go beyond your expectations and provide you with the best products within your budget. Our mission is to help you boost your sales and make a lasting impression on your customers through the power of Bani Badges.

Our experienced management team and dedicated employees work closely with distributors in order to identify creative, fresh and practical customized name badges solutions to meet your needs. We Guaranteed Satisfaction and serve small, medium and large size companies in every industry. At Bani Badges, our commitment to excellence is the key to our success.

Our expertise in innovative branding solutions, logo printing, engraving and various specialty solutions to help companies become successful in today’s competitive marketplace. Overall, we offer our clients high standards of quality, exceptional customer service, business integrity and trust and as a result, we are able to build successful long-term relationships with our customers on a continuous basis. We encourage you to experience the power of Bani Badges today and grow your business in the most effective way.